The mission of the Afghanistan World Foundation (AWF) is to provide multilevel broad-based support at the grass roots level pursuant to the Afghan National Development Framework (NDF) mandate. AWF action programs are based on high priority survival needs in Afghanistan such as education, economic development and emergency health services, hospitals, mobile care systems, and enhancing social opportunities for Afghan women and children. The AWF is investing in rebuilding schools, health services and related core social programs relevant to the needs of twenty-first century Afghanistan as it embarks upon a promising future.

The Board of the Afghanistan World Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness by spotlighting these critical needs and on developing effective solutions. AWF produces media worthy events and programs to attract the support of the public, donors, volunteers and securing involvement of decision makers. AWF also works with other agencies focused on serving special areas of Afghan humanitarian needs, as well as with USA and International officials involved in helping rebuild and protect the newly won freedoms of Afghanistan.

Housing Project Initiative

An innovative, patented AWF project designed to give Afghans inexpensive housing. Basic housing will help rebuild communities, allowing them to live normal lives and end the cycle of war and violence that has plagued the country for decades. A peaceful Afghanistan will help create a more peaceful world.

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Afghanistan World Foundation salutes President George H.W. Bush

Afghanistan World Foundation salutes President George H.W. Bush for his support for Afghanistan during the cold war.

“Lest we forget: the noble people of Afghanistan have suffered enormous deprivation during the war…
The people of Afghanistan have reached out their hands for our help, and America will not let them down”
– Vice President George Bush January 25.1988 in a letter to Sonia Nassery Cole