Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; McCurry studied film at Pennsylvania State University, before going on […]

Sigourney Weaver

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

Shaquille O’Neil

“Freedom is when all men of all nations walk together in peace.”

Susan Sarandon


Known as an actress and an activist, Susan Sarandon has shared with the world her dramatic talents and personal convictions.  She graduated the Catholic University of America in 1968 and not long after made her first film Joe (1970).  After a few other film roles, Sarandon landed a part in The Rocky Horror Picture Show […]

Senator Jon Kyl

Jon Kyl was elected to the U.S. Senate from Arizona in 1994 and re-elected in 2000 and 2006, after having served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. As the Republican Whip, he is the second-ranking member of the Senate Republican Leadership and responsible for building support on key issues. He serves on the […]

Senator Dianne Feinstein

As California’s senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built a reputation as an independent voice, working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing California and the Nation. Since her election to the Senate in 1992, Senator Feinstein has worked in a bipartisan way to build a significant record of legislative […]

Sonia Nassery Cole

Chairman and Founder

After escaping to the U.S. after the Soviet invasion, Sonia wrote a letter to the White House in the early 1980s. in a plea to help the people in her homeland. As a teenager, she was invited by President Reagan to visit him in Washington D.C., and answered his request to help him get Congressional […]