Excerpt from the CNN Connect the World segment:

Becky Anderson: When the Taliban took over sending people fleeing again the U.S. swooped in to help. Now they are just about gone. My next guest knows all about that she fled Afghanistan as a teenager when the Soviets moved in and dedicated her lives to helping refugees around the world. After writing a letter to then U.S. President Ronald Reagan yes, Ronald Reagan. He invited her to the White House to hear her pleas for help in person. Sonia Nassery Cole is now a Filmmaker and Human Rights Activists. She joins us now live. And I want you to take us back to that moment when you met Ronald Reagan. But before I do that, I just want to get your perspective and your thoughts on what you are seeing on the ground at present in Afghanistan?

SONIA NASSERY COLE, FILMMAKER & HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Thank you for having me. Words cannot describe how I feel. I feel like it’s the worst nightmare of my life. A, not just to me, but to all Afghan people this is unbelievable. That a free country like Afghanistan that never been conquered, is falling in the hands of the most horrific killers of the world.