AWF Board Member Dr. Henry Kissinger Talks about a strategy for Afghanisatan.

Alberto Cairo Builds Prosthetics for wounded Afghans.

Shelters in Afghanistan aid women after a decade of oppression under the Taliban.

Marco Vincenzino with Afghan children on a recent trip to Afghanistan.

AWF Board Member Nur Amersi and interfaith clergy in Rome and Israel.

AWF Board Member Nur Amersi with Israeli President Shimon Peres.

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A Shia Muslim Reflects on her Interfaith Delegation's Mission to Rome, the Vatican, and Jerusalem:
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Afghanistan: The Public in the West has to buy into it - and soon
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Israel trip by Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa comes at politically opportune time:
Los Angeles Mayoral Delegation, including Dr. Nur Amersi, visit Interfaith Sites in Jerusalem:

The Fundamental Need for Greater Commitment and Efficiency in Afghanistan

The increasing number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has been significantly undermining the level of support of ordinary Afghans for the international military presence and the central government. This should not be interpreted as support for the return of the Taliban, but rather disenchantment and disillusion with the results of the central government and international community since the fall of the Taliban in late 2001. Although cautious optimism is often expressed about Afghanistan’s long-term prospects, greater emphasis must be placed on caution and less on optimism for the foreseeable future. (Read More)

Landmines crippling Afghan Schoolchildren

“Children are instinctively curious, which leads them to pick up and handle unfamiliar objects-possibly mistaking a landmine for a toy-exposing them to greater risks than adults. Indeed, certain landmines, such as butterfly0shaped ones, are designed specifically to attract them. For a child, the loss of a limb, or any other disabling injury, can be the cause of alienation, thwarting all hopes for the future. In many cases, these young cripples can no longer attend their school classes, and are so ashamed of their appearances they no longer want to leave the home. Nothing is more unbearable than to wake up limbless, blind or with permanent lesions to the abdomen and genitals. (Read More)

Health Vehicles as a Currency to Peace

A new dawn emerges in Afghanistan bringing with it the warm rays of a new day filled with promises of a glowing future. The Afghan people find themselves jubilantly immersed in an urgent quest to collect themselves and rebuild their country after years of strife. Where to start? The schools need to be re-built and scores of women die each day during childbirth as do their newborns because of a lack of basic healthcare. The needs are tremendous and yet the Afghans remain steadfast and optimistic as they busily work to turn the tides. (Read More)
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